Youth Officer…

Personnel who has earned a high degree of credibility that has the duty of accommodating for those under eighteen years old. The youth officer is a person of trust who can be contacted in confidence on any issue.

Security Officer…

Personnel who has earned a high degree of credibility that guarantee the membership safety akin to a Jedi Knight. Security Officers are persons of trust who can and should be contacted in the case of any violation of policy, illegal activities and any moderation needed. Security Officers report to the Chief Security Officer and are responsible for Security during functions of the Monastic Order of Knights.  All contacts are treated seriously and confidentially.


A member who is responsible for the maintaining of all educational materials and links to such.  Also responsible for keeping doctrine and public records up to date.  This person reports to the Chief Development Officer.

Development Officer

Personnel that review and guarantee the completion of member education progression.  They are responsible for not only checking for completion of material but to ensure the originality or the work.  They also review submissions for merit badges.

Membership Officer

Personnel that handles matters of membership such as answering enquiries, account issues, application processing and moderation.

Treasury Officer

Personnel responsible for the management of funds, expenses and reporting for tax purposes.

Public Relations Officer

Personnel that acts as the spokesperson for the Order and coordinates with outside charities for volunteer and support donations.

Fund Raising Officer

Personnel responsible for official Order fundraising.


VP, second to the Knight Commander.  Has no authority and no vote except in the absence of the Knight Commander.  The Steward covers for the Knight Commander in his absence and is next in line for the position of Knight Commander. The Steward is a provisional officer.




Council Officers

Chief Membership Officer

A member of the Council that is responsible for overseeing the membership, application processing and the Membership Affairs Officer, Treasury Officer, Public Relations Officer and Fund Raising Officer reports to.  

Chief Development Officer

A member of Council that all Development Officers and the Archivist report to. This person is responsible for tracking and recording the educational progress and merit badges of members.  jzen

Chief Security Officer

A member of the Council that all Security Officers and Youth Officers report to.  This person is responsible for the safe conduct of all members, regulating the Officers under them and seeing to the security of the Order’s web site, physical structures and members.  Serenity

Knight Commander

President and leader of the Order.  Wescli Wardest (aka Wes)



Honorary Titles

First Knight… An honorary title given to those that have come before us and gave thought, ideals, philosophy and efforts to improve humanity and the world they lived in. 

Training Master… someone who has reached the rank of Knight Lieutenant or higher and has taken a Squire.

Steward… “The Knight Commander in training,” The Steward has no authority except in the absence of the Knight Commander and only if that authority is granted prior to the Knight Commander’s absence.